Process for Candidates Appearing on Website

We’ve been working very hard to give you greater control how and when candidates are listed on the website. This should also reduce errors, omissions, etc. In order to make this work, we invite you to use this new process.

If you have a candidate, or a prospect, for 2019 or 2020 that is not on this list, please enter their information here:

Password is: newrecord#@lp

If you mark them as “prospect” they will NOT appear on the website. If you mark them as “declared” they will appear on the website.


If a candidate is listed in the CRM is a “prospect” whom you want to appear on the website (even if they have not yet filed or been through the nomination process) please go into Civi and change their status from “prospect” to “declared.”

(Why should a state put a candidate on the website? Because that’s how the LP National social media team knows a candidate is “official” and can post about them on the LP National social media accounts. It’s also where donors and volunteers look for candidates to assist – and the earlier our candidates can get that assistance, the better. You can always remove them later.)



Please send an email once a week to with the names of candidates to change from “prospect” to “declared” and any additional information such as candidate website url. If there are no changes for that week, just send me an email that says “no changes.” I am trying to focus my hours on candidate recruitment and candidate support. If I need to call all 51 affiliates each week to ask if you have updated your info since I didn’t hear from you, this will mean ALL of my contract hours will be spent on these calls rather than on recruiting and supporting candidates.


Cara Schulz, LP Candidate Recruiter


January 2019

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