This service is to help the campaigns which have the fewest resources, but the best chance of actually winning an election. 

Candidates will get a website with minimal effort and the cost of purchasing a domain name. All you will have to do is fill out site launch form and we’ll get to work. As a candidate you can focus on campaigning rather than building a website. This means you’ll get on the campaign quicker, without the hassle of dealing with technical setup.


Most frequent questions and answers

Any Libertarian candidate running at the county, state legislature, or local level. They must a member of both your national and state party.

We believe that technology should not hold back otherwise, high-caliber Libertarian candidates from elected office. So, it’s free.


Currently, we do not offer this service, but we certainly would like to in the future.

We simply have to focus our resources. We’re focusing local candidates who, when properly supported and who work hard, have a shot at victory. A website shouldn’t get in the way and we can help in this regard.

You and any users you add, are content creators. You can edit your textual content and some imagery. Access to the full web administration is not allowed (That’s why we’re here after all). The modules you use are preset templates. If you’re looking for a fancy, fully customized site, this service probably isn’t for you.

Support is limited to the core functions of content creation. Tinkering and structural changes to the site is not why we are here. The initial content we require to launch your site should be all that’s needed. We will make one round of edits only. This means a faster path to the campaign trail.

Absolutely, just provide us with your logo and colors.

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