Most frequent questions and answers

This is free for states to use.

There are no limits on user account size or number of mailboxes.

States are responsible for maintaining their own users. National administers the server account as a whole.

Yes, states are able to create mailing lists for internal party communications. However, please note this is not a mass email service. For external communications, you should mail within CiviCRM.

Definitely not.

Email forwarding has been popular for the past 15 years or so. However, due to an increase in malicious spam email, the main email providers are cracking down on spam, and as a result, email forwarders don’t work right anymore.

In fact, email forwarders cause a “bad reputation” and result in more legitimate mail from our server being marked as spam. Further, many users have been using forwarders and then replying from their own personal email, which often looks unprofessional and may be blocked by the email provider of the original sender.

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