CRM Users


  • How do I login?
    The login page is at Please bookmark this page. We don't promote the login page publicly to prevent unwanted attempts at hacking. It is recommended to use your username to log in as your account email can changed. We highly encourage users to setup for the fastest, most reliable log-on process.
  • I lost my password, how do I login now?
    Go to the login page of your state site, and click "Lost your password?".  We don't promote the login page publicly to prevent unwanted attempts at hacking.
  • Why am I not getting the 2 factor code to login?
    The WP user email and CRM email are linked. It's likely it was sent to a different email. Of course, check your promotional and spam folders too. We recommend using the mobile app token generator for the most reliable log-on process rather than email. Authy and Google Authenticator apps are the most popular token generators.
  • Why does it say my account is currently set to No CRM Access?
    You haven't signed the latest NDA. A state admin set you up without you signing an NDA thru the user request form and we automatically deactivate those accounts when this process is not followed. To sign the NDA please start a user request which will notify your IT Director.
  • Where do I go for support?
    You can check the documentation and online resources about the tool whether that be Wordpress, CiviCRM or a tool like Elementor. It is all open source so many answers and video tutorials are online. If you aren't seeing the answer, contact your IT Director.
  • How do I get my account unlocked?
    If you have multiple failed login attempts, you will be locked out for a period of time, please wait 15 minutes and the lock should expire.
  • General

  • Do you support county websites?
    We support individual county pages, not entire websites. We’ve found county sites to be too redundant when compared to and a state site and they tend to fall into disrepair. Rather, it is more sustainable to integrate into your state site. We can host your county or regional affiliate donation page and have the data feed right into your state party site. You can also add events and news and categorize by county. Each state site has an interactive county map that links to a county page.
  • How do I connect our event page to CRM registration?
    Add your event as described in the docs. Then ask a state admin to submit the event to us via their dashboard. Only state conventions and major state fundraising events use CRM registration at the present time. Configuring the registration is done by LPHQ to ensure data integrity (correct financial types / dedupe rules, etc are used) and for data protection, as some areas of Civi are not permissioned to be domain-specific.
  • We have new data from our Secretary of State. How can we import this?
    Your IT Director can send us your original copy from the SOS unedited for us to import. We only import registered Libertarians, which fall under the umbrella category of "supporters".
  • How can we install the XYZ plugin on our site?
    National is the administrator of the system and reviews what is used to ensure a stable and reliable system. Tell us your goal and we'll let you know if the functionality exists within the website. What one state wants another likely wants as well so we'll work to find consensus so we arrive at the best possible solution that benefits all states.
  • Communications

  • Why won't it let me email more than 25 people?
    Your state hasn't paid for an email provider such as Amazon Web Services. We are rolling out mass email in late January for county users.
  • Why won't it let me send a mass email?
    Your state hasn't paid for an email provider such as Amazon Web Services.
  • Why is it rejecting my attempts to send emails?
    You must have the from email correspond to the domain of your site. So if I am on, only people with email addresses can send an email, otherwise you are violating email sending rules (spoofing) and it will not send.
  • Where is the texting option?
    Your state hasn't set up an account with Twilio.
  • Searching

  • I want to track how contributions were brought in. Is there a way to track that?
    Use the referral source feature by putting "?source=X" into the URL. which appends X to the Source field on a Contribution page. Here's an example of how that works. The link is: The Source field of the Contribution would then read: "Online Contribution: LP Membership - Andy Burns. Now you know Andy is helping to grow the LP 🙂
  • I want to filter by contributor, rather than by the contribution itself.
    Go to advanced search and Set the "Display Settings For Results" to "Contacts" to show the contacts who have given $x amount or whatever range you are looking for (not aggregate) for a period of time.
  • How can I search by contribution aggregate?
    The Top Donors report template provides that. Ask a state admin to make this report available if it is not already.
  • Why isn't so and so person showing up when I type their name in the quick search box?
    When searching by name you need to use the "last, first" sort format. It's important to note that candidate records are separate from their individual record and will display "first last" - as they are organizations.
  • How do I find national members who are not state members/donors?
    There are groups that automatically look for this scenario called "National Members Not State Donors". There is also a "National Members Not State" group. Conversely, "State Members Not National" and "State Donors Not National Members".
  • Reporting

  • My dashboard is empty. Where are the reports?
    The CRM has many templates to build off from and these can be put on your dashboard. It is the responsibility of the state admins to build these.