In concert with our goal of sharing the workload throughout the entire party, we have roles that specialize in operating your website. There are 6 different user roles, ranging from highest privilege to lowest. We greatly encourage user feedback to filter to your State IT Director which we use to adjust the service as needed. The chart shows the primary functions for each user.

  1. State Admin
  2. State Leader
  3. Campaign Volunteer**
  4. County Leader*
  5. County Volunteer*
  6. Editor
  7. Contributor

There is a subscriber role but that serves no purpose for your site at the moment.

ResponsibilitiesAdminState AdminState LeaderCampaign VolunteerCounty LeaderCounty VolunteerEditorContributor
Access Website
Access CiviCRM
Access Simplified CiviCRM Dashboard
Making Phone Calls
Logging Activities
Add Notes
Caldera Forms Management
State Theme Customizer Settings
Paid Event Setup
Message Templates
Blog Posts
Event Posts
Manage Website Content
Navigation Menu
Adding Knowledgebase Articles
Creating Knowledgebase Categories
User Management
Approving Contact Record Changes
Searching For Volunteers
Searching For Members
Adding New Pages
Adding New Individual
Adding New Candidate
Adding New Local Affiliate
Adding A Membership
Merging Duplicates
Report Management
Direct Editing Of Records
Theme Template And Global Standards
Theme Add-On Customizations
Plugin Updates
Theme Updates
Contribution Page Management
Payment Processor Integration
Data Imports
Civicrm Upgrades
General Civicrm Adminstration
Data Model Planning

*This role should not be used yet until we have the dashboard tool in place.

**This role is a stop-gap measure until we have the dashboard tool in place. They will transition from using CiviCRM to the Simplified CiviCRM Dashboard at that time. The risk of adding candidates and their campaign volunteers is up to the states. We advise states have their candidate’s and their volunteers sign an NDA. They should only give to those candidates which they have total trust. When you grant access they will have entire statewide access; national will not invest time to configure specific access control for these users. With this said, statewide campaigns may be the best fit for this application.